Solid night shoot with @forsakeco can’t wait to edit these shots!

Solid night shoot with @forsakeco can’t wait to edit these shots!

330 beers, 325 to go

February 27, 2012 my two roommates and I started the Mug Club challenge at our local bar, here are a few things about it:

  1. There are 330 beers to drink
  2. Today is March 1 and I have had 5
  3. We have been going weekly since we moved in in September and just decided to do this now (I have been going since I turned 21 almost 2 years ago don’t know what I was waiting for)
  4. When we finish we get 22 oz mugs with whatever we want etched into it
  5. I love beer
President James Marshall (aka Harrison Ford) to the Russian Terrorists in one of the most patriotic movies of all time (Air Force One)

I am currently in a web design class in school and have officially started building my website. I have drawn up the site map and today I lay down the wireframe. I plan to log the process since it’s confusing and going to be awesome. 

Funky Roots

Today I spent a few hours compiling my mom’s side of the family tree. My dad had already done his over the years, so it was a matter of going through letters, pictures and my mom’s memory. After 2 hours we nearly finished her mother’s side and here are some of the cool things I discovered.

  • I am part Serbian, Russian, Austrian, German, Czech and Portuguese
  • My distant cousin Maurice (Which is one of my middle names) was a self made millionaire, lived on Beacon Hill and was a part owner of the New York Jets
  • I am related to a Senator in Connecticut

Family Tree stuff is awesome, especially considering so much of our history was lost and most relatives have passed, it’s a really cool way to learn about my family.

End of an era/week

Good news, spamming is over, I should have changed my password when it first happened.

But seriously guys, want an ipod?

My Bad Guys

I apologize for the crazy spamming posts that have been going up for the past week. I am not sure how this happened nor how to stop it but i’m hoping it will end soon.

2011-2012 Let’s Chat About my Year

2011 was the best year of my 22 year career as a person.

If it were a rollercoaster it would be one that started as low as it could be only to rise to the highest and then level out (so for those of you unfamiliar with rollercoasters, it went up). So probably a boring rollercoaster but still a hell of a year. I hate talking about myself a lot unless it’s a story of traveling or animations I have done so I am going to abbreviate this as much as I can.

Early January sucked, absolutely blew. Late January was tough but was starting in the upswing. January 20th I arrived in London to begin my semester in Farnham. I got to my house to meet my housemates for the first time and they turned out to be awesome people and not totally weird like I expected. I arrived in London around 6am, made it to Farnham around 10am and by that night my housemates took me out and immediately made me feel welcome. From that point on I was meeting more and more great people and learning a new way to approach my animations and new situations. Along with the great results, there were some tough points considering I had never been that far away from home for that period of time. But it was definitely a necessary experience. I consider myself extremely lucky to make such close connections with most of the people and to still be in touch with them as well. By the time I left England, the rollercoaster ride was really high, but took a dip only because I was sad to leave my friends.

May 22 one of my best friends Josh arrived and we had an awesome week in Farnham then embarked on our journey to conquer Europe. The countries we visited (in some cases more than once) were France, Luxembourg, Germany, Brussels, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia (and Bosnia for 10 minutes), Italy, Spain then back to England. This trip lasted 2 months and we had an awesome time together, seeing breathtaking sights and having an overall amazing experience. I could go on and on about these 2 months but if you’re reading this then odds are you read my posts and saw my pictures already.

July 20 I returned home and it was great to see my family and friends but I immediately missed England. Since then i have been working hard to earn some money and finally complete my undergrad studies after 5 long years.

Now I am contemplating paths for the future which as of now either lead to grad school or the job world and both of those could be in any number of parts of the world (America or England).

I am grateful for the people I met in 2011 all over the world and those that have continued to keep in touch with me and for my friends who have always been there to be a pain in the ass (i mean great friends) and for the people who I have left behind because they sucked.

Like I said 2011 was kick ass and now I am working as hard as I can to make 2012 just as awesome. So what if I’m stressed out of my mind 24/7, it’s all so that I know I have done everything I could to make the next step super fucking awesome.

Final Note - I was going to go back and edit this to make sure it makes sense and gets across the right tone, then I decided not to (true story).